Horse riding holidays at the Light Coast and White tawns of Andalusia.


Come to one of our horse riding holidays in Andalusia. You will experience an unforgettable week full of adventures discovering wild beaches, pine forests, the beautiful pueblos blancos of Andalusia from a back of a horse. Is very personal and intimate horse trail.

The horse ride trail or horseback trip,  will start in Betis, where our farm is located and where you will sleep in a private double room or little apartment.

From here our first experience, where we meet the horses, the team, the horse trail partners ... and the first 3 days we will sleep in our guest-house, (the trails are close to us to return home).

The beaches are incredible, pines forest, mountain and a beauty landscapes... We continue our adventure along the white beaches and pine forests of the Costa de la Luz, untill Conil, (sleeping in Vejer one night), and finally arrive at the pueblos blancos, the heart of Cádiz. In the pueblos blancos we will enjoy traditional food and wine and we will visit artisan markets where merchants offer their products for horse and horseman, leather products for riders. (Medina Sidonia, Los Santos, Alcalá...)

The last horse trail is Alcalá - Jimena, where we return to pass the last night of the horse riding trip at Aventuras del Sur home, to have a very speacial last dinner together.

We will tasty diferent meals, wines during the trail, we will have very special dinners and pic-nics, the adventure is always served with Paco.

  • The maximum weight is 90 kg.
  • We will organize the transport of all necessary equipment and your belongings that you will need during the trail.
  • We will stay in hostels, which offer double rooms with a private bathroom, breakfast and dinner. (Lunch will be a pick-nick on the way).

The closest airports are:

  • Gibraltar (1h), Jerez (1,30h), Málaga (2h) and Sevilla (3 h).
    We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport (Málaga (100 € per person min. 2 persons), Jerez (80€ per person min. 2 persons), Gibraltar, (60€ per person min, 2 persons). You can also take the bus to Tarifa. We are happy to help you to find the best connection. Once i get booking for a horseback trail, we will try to connect the diferent riders, to come in the same rental car to share the expenses and he trip to Aventuras del Sur horse riding holidays.


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