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               A week holidays with Yoga and hiking at Aventuras del Sur home, inCosta de la Luz, in a little country village call Betis, between Tarifa andFacinas, in a beauty Nature Park of Andalusia. (Just 10 minutes driving fromBolonia beach and 5 minutes from Valdevaqueros beach).

       If you look for disconnect of the work and routine life , and give some care and love to yourself, this place is for you. If you are looking for a place to learn and introduce your self into the Minddfulness and Yoga way, and connect with the nature hiking, relaxing, and giving care and atention to your body and mind, feel your autentic soul, this place is also for you.

Come to practice Yoga & meditation, hiking, and spend six nights with Aventuras del Sur family -guest house.  Located in a rural country house, elevated on a hill just behind the ocean, with breathtaking views to the sea and the mountains.

The week is just for you to escape from the daily hustle and the European winter, to relax, practice yoga, meditation and hiking with the help and asistance of the Yoga teacher, "Sandra Trujillo" (certificated Yoga & Pilates teacher), she also is the hiking guide in Aventuras del Sur.

The house is in the beautiful nature an close to one of the last wild Spanish coasts, where nature meets the ocean and where the sun shines almost every day from middle of March to middle of December.

Enjoy the tasty Andalusia Mediterranean meals, (or advice than you prefer vegetarian food), have exciting conversations, read a good book in the garden, a walk around the farm, a visit of Tarifa, or just sit on the beach, watching the waves roll in.

                 A day with us:  Begin your day with a nourishing Meditation in the shala followed by a fisic streching yoga session; Starting with Anapana breath exercise, to calm and concentrate the mind, followed by Vipassana Meditation technic, to make a deep mind work, working with the sensations, to develop a sharp and sutil mind, and finishing the session with a nice strech, to prepare body and mind to start the day. (*Is an optional session, if you prefer to rest in the morning and just take the afternoon Yoga class).

Step out at the garden, breathing pure fresh air, let your eyes stroll over the rocky hill to the silver colored sea, glistening in the morning sun, and just listen to the silence.

Then, you enjoy your breakfast in the cozy dining room and prepare yourself for an exciting walk  to peaceful places with breathtaking views over the coastal line and all the way to Africa. One of this walks will include a bird whatch, seating in the top of the mountain whatching the vultures and other birds, and the Atlantic and Mediterraneum mixing in front of you... The second walk will be on the beach, an amazing Coast trail or to see the Light house Cape Camarinal or Gracia and go up the dunes of Bolonia beach.

Back “home”, a picnic-style lunch is optional, and then, you have your late afternoons free to just relax in the garden or in the fire place in winter time, reading, chatting, or visiting the vibrant Tarifa, or go to a beach bar during the sunset., to drink a cocktel or swimm on the sea...

The main yoga class will be from 18,30 to 20h. This class will change the Yoga style every days. Some days restaurative Yoga, or Yin Yoga, (more focus  in the alighment, using props to help the body to strech and remuve the tensions, feeling the body, being in the present moment, conscient of the breahing while you make the diferent asanas, feeling the strech in your muscles, with awarness, love, armony, peace, equilibrium and happiness. Other days we will practice a moe flow Yoga, and hattha Yoga style. Yoga is union, we will start working in the union of our body and mind.

A lovely andalusia dinner will be served from 20h. the meals are variety, fresh vegetables, sometimes fish or meat included in the meals or paella, but you can take the veggy option, no problem for Victoria!

The days without hiking, you can escape and explore the area - there is plenty to see - Tarifa tawn, Vejer (an historic Andalusia white tawn), the roman ruins of Bolonia, Valdevaqueros beach bars... or take a day trip to Marroco or just relax at home...

The group size will be no more than eight people, so you can get the attention you need and make new friends easier. Other guest will come for the horse riding adventure week with Paco, so the meals will be shared with different kind of people around the world and with diferent life styles.

 - Day 1: Arrival (Sundays, after 13:00, before 23:00), opening welcome dinner.

- Day 2-6:·      

 .      07:30 1 hour Vipassana Meditation followed by 30 minutes of streching Yoga session.*Optional open Meditation.

·       09:00 Breakfast time starting from 08:30- 09:00 a.m.

·       10:30 Free day or walking excursion (1 mountain hike & 1 coast trail during the week, we will decide at home). *You have 3 days to explore the area, go to beach, or just relax at home.

.        18,30-20h. Restaurative Yoga class or Hatha Yoga class starting with a little meditation.

.         20:00 Dinner time; Victoria Andalusia Mediterranean meals shared with good company and a good red wine, (or take an vegetarian option), and Victoria will cook something good with love and care to you.

     - Day 7:   (Saturday) Breakfast and departure untill 13h, or just keep the luggages in the dinner room.

   *You can add extra days, with half pension 50€ or just acomodation & breakfast 35€, *if you take an individual room add 10€ to each extra night.  *(Pick-nick style lunch, 10€ x day: sandwich, salad or soup with drink, desert and coffe or tea).


·       6 nights' accommodation in a double room (or apartment) *Individual room has an extra cost depending of the room. (+50€ solar room, +50€ shared apartment with an individual room +100€ Africa room, +150€ stones room).

·       2 meals, breakfast & dinner from Monday to Friday, (the hike days we will bring some fruits and nuts with us for lunch).

·       Drinks.

·       Sunday dinner and Saturday breakfast.

·       2 walking tours; 4 hours duration approximately

·       5 yoga classes and 5 guided meditations finishing with restaurative Yoga.

·       Yoga material


·       Transport from the airport

·       Massage (extra cost)

·       Extra excursions

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